Friday, 14 February 2014

Total Science - Hot Spot / Love 2 U

Total Science - Hot Spot / Love 2 U (Timeless Recordings, 2002)

Yesterday I had a stroke of luck while crate digging at a local charity shop: 10 Drum & Bass 12"s from the late 90s/early 00s for a fiver including releases on Liftin' Spirit, Metro and Hospital. As it's Valentines Day I thought I'd write up this nifty 12" from Total Science given the appropriate vocal sample on 'Love 2 U'. The two tracks are fairly typical Total Science material from that time with obvious old skool influences, but each takes a rather different approach.

Somehow this 12" totally passed me by at the time and on my initial impressions, 'Love 2 U' on the AA side is probably my favourite of the two. It's a loved up tune featuring bright synths and two-step drums that use the Apache and Tighten Up breaks along with a "I'm in love with you / Want you to love me too" vocal taken from Gwen Guthrie's 'Peanut Butter', a much sampled track with the most well known example being N-Joi's 'Anthem' from 1990. While also sporting an early nineties sound 'Hot Spot' on the other side is a down and dirty number based around a particularly fat and flatulent synth riff over multi-layered drums that include some energetic bongos. An excellent release from the ever consistent Total Science boys.

Check out 'Love 2 U' in this love themed drum and bass mix from Tendai:

Tendai - Drum 'n' Bass Love by Tendai on Mixcloud

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