Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Wax Doctor - Logical Progression

Wax Doctor - Logical Progression (Face Records, 1994)

After looking at LTJ Bukem's 'Logical Progression' yesterday the only, eh, logical track to get the DnB 365 treatment today was this identically titled one from Paul Saunders AKA Wax Doctor. It was released on Pascal and Sponge's Face Records in 1994 and although it was his only solo 12" for the label he also recorded as Clone Inc for them alongside Pascal.

Like the majority of his material the track was engineered by Alex Reece. It's a dark tune that opens with a sinister pipe melody along with strings and the "I think it's something I feel" line from Cuba Gooding Sr.'s 'Happiness Is Just Around The Bend', a track which has cropped up on this blog a few times already. Saunders and Reece then drop an awesome cut-up of the Funky Mule break before an indecipherable vocal brings in a subtle bassline which lets the mule do most of the work. Midway through the track is transformed by the introduction of Rufige Kru-esque corroded synths. These are joined by the Do The Do break and when the Funky Mule comes back in the combination of the two is stunning. The Logical Mix on the flip starts off a lot smoother with buoyant synths and female vocals before crashing Amens take it into darker territory. Quality stuff as ever from Wax Doctor.

'Logical Progression' was included on Face Of The Future, a compilation of Face Records material put out on Breakdown in 1994 - you can download Grooverider's mixed version of it over at Deep Inside The Oldskool. Check the track out below in this set from Top Buzz at Quest: The Final Countdown on NYE 1993:

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