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Tom & Jerry - Papillon Love Song

Tom & Jerry - Papillon Love Song (Tom & Jerry, 1993)

Tom & Jerry was an alias and label that 4Hero's Dego and Marc Mac used to put out less serious music that was purely focused on moving people's feet. As Marc Mac said recently during an interview with Uncle Dugs on Rinse FM:

"There was the more jungle side, the more ragga side that was coming in and that was our interpretation of that... we needed to be more dancefloor, less experimental, just straight to the dancefloor".

The label put out just twelve 12"s from 1992 to 1994 but the tunes on them are amongst the finest of the era, all of them potent concoctions that blend hardcore, jungle, ragga, rare groove and soul to intoxicating effect.

'Papillon Love Song' appeared on the third release in 1993 and is an uplifting tune which always puts a smile on my face. It takes the "Let it go" vocal from Sinnamon's 'I Need You Know' and places it over enchanting synth pads, rumbling bass and drums that use Amen and a four to the floor beat along with a distinctive lurching breakbeat. Tom & Jerry tracks were intentionally put together quickly, often taking less than half an hour to make, but the result is tunes like this that are full of energy and contain just the necessary elements to move a crowd.

DJ Stretch recently put together a Tom & Jerry tribute set on Radio Frontline which features all their well known tunes including 'Papillon Love Song' along with some unreleased dubplates and remixes. It should go without saying but this is essential listening:

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