Thursday, 26 December 2013

Tom & Jerry - The One Reason

Tom & Jerry - The One Reason (Tom & Jerry, 1992)

Staying with Tom & Jerry for a moment, 'The One Reason' was the A Side on their first 12" back in 1992. It's a Marc Mac solo production and was backed with Dego's 'The Second Reason'. Yesterday I mentioned how quickly they put Tom & Jerry tunes together and these two tracks are prime examples. Talking to Uncle Dugs back in November Marc Mac revealed they were created as part of a competition between the duo to see who could make a tune the fastest and he won, making 'The One Reason' in just twenty minutes.

It's a raw hardcore tune which features a "Think it, dream it, peak it, drink it" vocal taken from the much sampled 'Life Is Something Special' by New York Citi Peech Boys. Originally called simply Peech Boys before the Beach Boys threatened legal action, the vocalist is none other than Bernard Fowler who also provided the vocals for Sinnamon's 'I Need You Now' which Tom & Jerry sampled on 'Papillon Love Song'. As with that track the acapella of 'Life Is Something Special' was included on the 12" and has been sampled on a number of other tunes such as DJ Seduction's 'Hardcore Heaven' and Turntable Symphony's 'Instructions Of Life' ("Feeeeeeelll it"). 'The One Reason' opens with what sounds like an alarm going off along with "I'd like to say I feel good for one reason... ecstasy, ecstasy" vocals, drugs being a common theme in 4hero's early tunes. It then brings in drums that use the Both Eyes Open break and a booming bassline along with synth stabs, a ravey piano riff and reversed strings for an upbeat tune that's full of energy.

'The One Reason' opens DJextreme's excellent Tom & Jerry label mix which features tracks from the first six 12"s on the imprint before the ragga influences became more prominent - download it from his Hardscore site.

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