Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The JB & Asend - Let It Go

The JB & Asend - Let It Go (Back 2 Basics, 1994)

Sinnamon were an eighties boogie group who were the brainchild of producer Darryl Payne. They first found success with 'Thanks To You' in 1982 and were initially an all female group. However for their follow up single 'I Need You Now' they added male vocalist Bernard Fowler and thanks to the acapella being included on the 12" his lead vocals have been sampled on dozens of tracks including rave anthems such as 'Far Out' by Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era and 'E-Vapor-8' by Altern 8, although they're invariably pitched up to sound female.

'Let It Go' by The JB & Asend is one of several drum and bass tunes to sample the vocals, using the title lending "Let it go" line throughout. The track starts off with the 'Cold Sweat' break along with the vocals and a simple bassline before bringing in some awesome timestretched breaks which are used as a melodic element, a cool sounding technique that was popular in 1993/1994. The breakdown introduces heavenly synth pads and "Shining your light on me... with your love" diva vocals before the timestretched breaks return to close the track out. A great tune from Jason Ball and Lee Smith which lives up to the name of the label.

You can hear the track in DJ Fallout's set at the Amnesia House Shelley's Reunion Party from 18th November 1994 which was released on their Christmas Selection Box tape pack:

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