Sunday, 1 December 2013

TeeBee - Dynasty Warriors

TeeBee - Dynasty Warriors (Creative Source, 2001)

TeeBee's early material owes a debt stylistically to Photek and the two are also connected by martial arts. While Photek lapsed in his training to focus on music, TeeBee remains a dedicated martial artist which is why Photek chose him to remix 'Ni-Ten-Ichi-Ryu'. The pair have also worked together and in an interview with Barcode in 2008, Photek commented regarding his musical representation of the "two swords technique" that TeeBee "was jealous that I managed to get that track out before he'd got his interpretation of that out first".

While Photek may have beaten him to the punch, TeeBee has also incorporated traditional Eastern music into his productions and 'Dynasty Warriors' is a prime example. Released on Fabio's Creative Source imprint in 2001 it is a subtler track than we're used to from him with a solid two-step beat and warm bassline topped with a calming melody played on a zither-type instrument. Rushes of strings, wind sound effects and a brief "Challenging me" vocal sample from a kung fu film also feature but what I really like about the track is its spaciousness, with plenty of room to breathe. A classy track with a meditative vibe.

'Dynasty Warriors' was included on the mixed portion of TeeBee's The Legacy LP, check it out below:

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