Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Tango - Fever

Tango - Fever (Moving Shadow, 1996)

In 1996 Essence Of Aura's James Mitton-Wade AKA Carlito compiled the Trans-Central Connection compilation for Moving Shadow. The album was designed as a showcase for drum and bass from the Midlands and in addition to tracks from Mitton-Wade's various projects it featured producers such as Q Project & Spinback, Neil Trix and DJ Addiction. There was also this track from Jamie Giltrap AKA Tango, the Midlands jungle/hardcore stalwart who had been on the scene since the early nineties.

'Fever' opens with the same eerie background music from Blade Runner that Essence Of Aura had sampled on 'What's On Your Mind' a couple of years previously and was also used in 'Technology' by Ed Rush & Nico. The No U-Turn sound seems to be an influence on this tune although Tango admitted in an interview with Blog To The Oldskool from earlier this year that he struggled to keep up with the developments in drum and bass at this time, saying "the music was changing - people were starting to use distorted drums and distorted basslines... and I couldn't really get my head around all this really". I think he's been a bit harsh on himself there because although 'Fever' doesn't feature the distortion levels of No U-Turn tunes the bassline is a gritty, gravelly beast that can do some serious damage. It's coupled with Amen/Tighten Up drums - another techstep signifier - and an "Ohhhh" vocal that sounds like it's from Loleatta Holloway's 'Love Sensation'. A haunting but fierce tune which was licensed by Lexus for a car advertisement.

'Fever' is available to download from Drum&BassArena. You can hear it in this mix of tracks from the Trans-Central Connection LP put together by Kosmoz:


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