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Studio Pressure - Jump MK II

Studio Pressure - Jump MK II (Certificate 18, 1993)

'Jump' appeared on Rupert Parkes' debut 12" under his Studio Pressure alias for Paul Arnold's ground breaking Certificate 18 label in 1993. His next release for the imprint was headlined by a new and improved version of the track entitled 'Jump MK II' and it's one of the finest moments in his quality laden catalogue.

The track opens with the Think break along with high pitched yelps of "Jump". Sinister synth pads and sci-fi sound effects are then joined by a bongo loop from Johnny Pate's 'Shaft In Africa' before Photek introduces his soon to be trademark hollow percussion. The mid-section of the track brings in blissful shimmering synths along with soulful vocals from New York Citi Peech Boys' 'Don't Make Me Wait' (also the source of the vocals on rave tunes such as Altern 8's 'Activ-8' which recently recharted thanks to a Christmas No. 1 campaign) before the oriental style percussion returns to close the track out. While the track was to be the template for several future Photek productions, 'Presha' from the same 12" is constructed out of similar parts but is more hardcore in style. It was given a superb remix as 'Presha III' in 1994 and this year Photek returned to the track once again with 'Presha XIII'.

An original copy of 'Jump MK II' will set you back £30-£40 these days but it is available for a much more reasonable price on the essential Hidden Rooms compilation. The track appears in DJ Monita's excellent Drumtrip Sessions #7 mix which you can check out below:

Drumtrip Sessions #7 - DJ Monita by Djmonita on Mixcloud

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