Friday, 20 December 2013

Rekoil - Unreal

Rekoil - Unreal (Outbreak Records, 2000)

Dylan often looked to the past on his productions and with the vocals from Cuba Gooding Sr.'s 'Happiness Is Just Around The Bend' being sampled on a multitude of old skool tracks it was inevitable that they would turn up on one of his tunes. 'Unreal' was released under his Rekoil alias in 2000 on Outbreak Records, one of the several labels Dylan was involved with at this time.

The track opens with tension building synthetic strings as the Tighten Up break tries to break free from it shackles. "Something unreal" vocals from Gooding Sr. and hardcore synth style stabs come in before a filtered Tramen break is dropped, occasionally interrupted by some Tighten Up. A monolithic Reece bassline is then introduced alongside some bleeps for a barnstorming tune. Dylan returned to the track later that year with Loxy in tow on the Trapped In Beats EP. It's a stunning remix that features a booming/buzzing bassline alongside Let A Woman Be A Woman/Tighten Up drums that are treated to pitchshifting to give them an awesome cascading effect. In an era of two-step rigidity Dylan was a producer who stayed true to the original breaks but it was his ability to put his own unique spin on them that really made his tunes stand out from the crowd.

Check out the remix in this Dylan, Loxy, Ink & Spirit mix by Nolige from 2003. The tracklist and download are available here:

Nolige - Dayz Of The Cylon by John_Omally on Mixcloud

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