Monday, 9 December 2013

Original Substitute - What's On Your Mind

Original Substitute - What's On Your Mind (Outstanding Productions, 1994)

Essence Of Aura are another drum and bass act to sample Blade Runner more than once, first on 'Intruder' from 1993's The Pure Essence EP and then again on this tune under their Original Substitute alias. It was released on their own Outstanding Productions label in 1994.

It samples Dr. Eldon Tyrell saying "What's on your mind Sebastian? What are you thinking about?", the words often getting treated to some timestretching. However the Blade Runner sampling isn't limited to dialogue as the track opens with the same unsettling background music that Ed Rush & Nico later used on 'Technology'. The track drops with some tearing Amen and 808 kick bass, while some choral synths and melancholy piano lead into the breakdown which combined with the Blade Runner samples cropping up throughout makes for a unnerving, paranoid tune.

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