Friday, 27 December 2013

Marcus Intalex & ST Files - Nightfall

Marcus Intalex & ST Files - Nightfall (Renegade Hardware, 2001)

While Renegade Hardware are generally known for releasing tracks on the harder side of drum and bass spectrum they also occasionally put out more soulful material. Marcus Intalex's relationship with the label dates back to 1998 when his Future Cut collab 'Plastic' appeared on the 3 The Hardway EP, while alongside ST Files he contributed 'Moonwalk' to the Aftermath LP. 'Nightfall' from The Harder They Come Part 1: Invasion Tactics EP however is the finest tune he's had on the label.

'Nightfall' features a couple of vocal samples from house and disco tunes, with the "It's a soul thing" line from Eddie Amador's 'House Music' appearing during the intro (sampled more extensively on Mist:i:cal's 'Spiritual Thing') before they add "So special" vocals from New York Citi Peech Boys' 'Life Is Something Special'. Around the two samples the duo create a rolling tune that builds with lush synth pads and a bleeping riff while being driven forward by the Both Eyes Open break. A tough sub bassline completes things for a smooth track with a dark edge.

'Nightfall' is available to purchase digitally directly from Renegade Hardware. It was included on one of the finest studio mixes ever commercially released, DJ Marky's The Brazilian Job and you can check that mix out below:

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