Tuesday, 17 December 2013

L.T. Bukem - Logical Progression (Alternate Mix)

L.T. Bukem - Logical Progression (Alternate Mix) (VMR Records, 1991)

No, that's not a typo above, but LTJ Bukem's name as it appeared on his first proper release back in late 1991. The title of this tune would of course go on to be used for Bukem's series of classic compilations and club nights. The original mix is a piece of breakbeat piano hardcore which samples the Balearic house classic 'SueƱo Latino' and features "Do you wanna have a good time" female vocals. The real gem on the release though was the Alternate Mix tucked away on the B Side.

This version totally overhauls the track and is a better indicator of the music Bukem would go on to produce. It opens with ambient synths before Bukem deploys a break with prominent vocal tics and 808 bass stabs sampled from Tuff Crew's 'Hittin' Hard Balls'. It's a composite of the Think and Assembly Line breaks and is best known for anchoring Jonny L's rave anthem 'Hurt You So'. The track builds with sci-fi sound effects and new age synths while later a "Wicked" vocal sample appears which sounds likes it's from Public Enemy's 'Welcome To The Terrordome' ("Hear the drummer get wicked"). Like 'Demon's Theme' this is a tune that was well ahead of its time.

Although it's not labelled as such, it is the Alternate Mix which is included on LTJ Bukem's Producer 05: Rarities compilation (with 'Logical Reprise' from the same side of the 12" also featuring) and it's available to download from the Good Looking store. You can hear the track in this studio mix by DJ Tayla from February 1992 which is available to download over at DJextreme's Hardscore site.

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