Thursday, 12 December 2013

Goldie - Saint Angel

Goldie - Saint Angel (FFRR, 1995)

This track started life back in '93 on Synthetic under Goldie's Metalheads guise and was produced with the assistance of Marc Mac and Dego of 4hero. It's the evil twin of 'Angel' from the same EP, cutting out most of Diane Charlemagne's vocals and the song's softer side to focus on its dark core.

'Saint Angel' was so ahead of its time that when it was polished and extended for Goldie's Timeless LP in 1995 it still sounded fresh. The track goes through a few distinct movements, opening with the Assembly Line break and repeated metallic stabs that sound like a malfunctioning robot. They then bring in a variant of the 'Life Could' break known as 'Machine II' from rapper Paris' 'Make Way For A Panther' that comes complete with "yeah" and "uh" vocal interjections. The Apache break gets added along the way before the breakdown brings in unhinged Mentasm stabs, vinyl backspins and an "Angel" vocal that sounds like it comes from the same Blade Runner scene as Dillinja's 'The Angels Fell'. 'Sinister' style synths pads lead into the last third of the track which is a bit more chilled as warmer synths that hint at the original 'Angel' are introduced. A tune that shows the Reinforced crew at their finest.

'Saint Angel' is available to download from Beatport and was also included on the Goldie retrospective The Alchemist from earlier this year. Goldie has returned to the track a few times over the years with 'Dark Metal' and 'Ark Angel' both appearing on his Metalheadz imprint. You can hear the original Synthetic version in this set from Tango at Dance Planet: Pure Energy on 17th September 1993:

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