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Drum & Bass - FB1

Drum & Bass - FB1 (Strictly Underground Records, 1994)

I assume this is the duo of L Double and ST Files who also released material on Formation under the Drum & Bass name and Rolldabeats seems to confirm this. FB1 came out on a 12" with two different mixes, the Keys To The Roof Mix above which features additional production from A-Sides and the Sub Kick Remix which you can check out below.

While the two mixes aren't wildly different it's worth mentioning both. The Keys To The Roof mix is the slightly more refined of the two, opening with shimmering rhodes and a "Loooovvve" vocal from First Choice's 'Love And Happiness' before 808 kick bass stabs come in along with the Sesame Street break. It goes on to add tearing Amen and later some rudeboy chatter and dub bleeps for a track that has that classic jungle combination of the rough and the smooth. The Sub Kick Remix gets straight down to business with some Plastic Jam/Sesame Street drums before hits of sub bass and some clattering Amen really get things going. The remix is almost an inversion of the other mix as the rudeboy chatter appears towards the beginning while the First Choice sample features towards the end. The mid-track breakdown brings in the same synths from 'What Have You Got To Lose' by The Jammers that Bukem & Peshay used on '19.5' along with a "I love the way you hold me" vocal from Rochelle Fleming's 'Love Itch' (another vocal used by Manix on his new LP, on the track 'One More Time'). Overall the Sub Kick Remix gets my vote although either mix does the business.

Thanks to Strictly Underground/Hardcore's compilation issuing tendencies you can find abbreviated versions of the Keys To The Roof Mix on The Ultimate Drum & Bass Collection and the Sub Kick Remix on Hardcore Junglistic Fever Vol. 2. The Sub Kick Remix features in this set from Grooverider at Dreamscape XIV with MC Flux on the mic:

Grooverider & MC Flux Dreamscape 14 'The Halloween Ball' 29th Oct 1994 by Old Skool Rave Tape Archive on Mixcloud

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