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DJ Ink feat. Dylan - Need You

DJ Ink feat. Dylan - Need You (Renegade Hardware, 2001)

This track appeared on the Kaos Theory EP in 2001 which was Ink's solo debut for Renegade Hardware after a couple of appearances on albums and the Quasimodo EP with Loxy. Funnily enough yesterday's selection, 'Blueprint' by The Architex, played a role in Ink linking up with Hardware after the producer met label boss Clayton Hines at Music House, as he revealed to The End in 2008:

"He was sitting in there just talking about music in general, and he said "one of my favourite tracks at the moment is a track called 'Blueprint' by some guys called Archie-Tex" and I went "No that's my tune and we’re actually called The Architects."

'Need You' is a rather atypical track for Ink and this is probably down to the old skool influences of co-producer Dylan. It uses a large chunk of vocals from Sinnamon's 'I Need You Now' which are looped throughout most of the track: "Need you now, I want you... Say it loud". During the intro the vocals are placed over ominous synth pads and drums that use the Sport break before bassy synth stabs arrive along with a rumbling bassline and computer game bleeps. The second drop switches things up by dirtying up the synth stabs and adding further vocals from the Sinnamon track. The tune was an anthem back in 2001 and has been remixed a number of times with a rolling Calibre Remix on The Harder They Come Part 3: Colonisation EP, a heavier Amen Re-edit appearing on Outbreak's Trapped In Beats Vol. 4 EP and a tearing remix from Phobia on Ink's Mood Music EP, as well as the digital only 'Still Needing You Unreleased Remix' from Dylan & Ink themselves on Dylan's Freak MP3 Exclusives imprint.

The digital of the original is available to purchase directly from Renegade Hardware. You can hear it in this mammoth two and a half Christmas mix by Usual Suspects from 2001:

Usual Suspects - Drum & Bass Christmas Special 12.25.2001 by Drum & Bass Classics on Mixcloud

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