Monday, 16 December 2013

Cloud 9 - Mr Logic

Cloud 9 - Mr Logic (Moving Shadow, 1993)

Here's another tune from Cloud 9, this one from a couple of years before yesterday's selection. It was released on the Volume 3 EP in 1993 and the differences between the two tracks are clear. Whereas 'Jazzmin' is a chilled, laid back number, 'Mr Logic' is an upbeat rave tune.

It opens with some crazy beatboxing and manic laughter from Biz "The Inhuman Orchestra" Markie, taken from Roxanne Shante's 'Def Fresh Crew'. This is joined by drums that feature a four to the floor beat along with the Amen and Think breaks before a regular, fast paced bassline comes in. The tune is completed by the introduction of loved up synth pads and a "Take me, love me, squeeze me baby... One more time" vocal from Rochelle Fleming's 'Love Itch', a track that was also sampled on the Sub Kick Remix of Drum & Bass' 'FB1' and more recently by Manix on 'One More Time'. The Cloud 9 Remix EP from later in '93 (which was headlined by the Ray Keith & Nookie Remix of 'You Got Me Burnin') included a slightly moodier remix from Cloud 9 which replaced the beatboxing with the horn from Cypress Hill's 'Lock Down' while adding bongos, a high pitched vocal and at the breakdown some breezy synths. Feel good tuneage to brighten a dark and wet December.

Both the original and remix of 'Mr Logic' are available to purchase digitally from Beatport. You can hear the remix in this set by Ratty at Fibre Optic: A Christmas Cracker on 18th December 1993, almost exactly twenty years ago:

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