Monday, 2 December 2013

Calyx - Morphology

Calyx - Morphology (31 Records, 1999)

TeeBee, whose 'Dynasty Warriors' I looked at yesterday, has found great success over the last few years in partnership with Larry Cons AKA Calyx. The two producers both came to prominence in the late nineties with releases on Moving Shadow sub label Audio Couture and became friends during this period. My favourite Calyx tune from around this time though was 'Morphology' which arrived on Doc Scott's 31 Records imprint in 1999.

The word Morphology comes from the Greek word morphe (form) and means "study of shape". Calyx had previously led an eight-piece jazz-funk group called Octane (which was also the title of another of his early tracks) and here he takes the funk blueprint and twists it out of shape for an explosive tune. It opens with an insistent staccato guitar pattern which is joined by subtle metallic synth, guitar licks and drums bristling with energy before a startling inhuman scream brings in an absolutely filthy bassline. The dirtiness is balanced later by a smooth vocal harmony which leads into the breakdown before an alarm sound and pitched down "Morphology" vocal (possibly Roy Batty from this scene in Blade Runner) bring back the mutant funk. Simply awesome stuff.

You can hear 'Morphology' in this 31 Records mix from Kosmoz:

31 Records Mix pt.1 : Technology by Kosmoz on Mixcloud

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