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Architex Versus Loxy - Submerged

Architex Versus Loxy - Submerged (Architecture, 1998)

Loxy is a drum and bass legend who has been at the forefront of the scene for over twenty years. He first established himself as a DJ in the early nineties, playing at nights such as Elevation, Thunder and Joy and Desire. He also had regular slots on London pirates including Rude FM and Eruption FM but he truly made his name in the mid-nineties as a resident at the legendary Metalheadz Blue Note Sessions. His first foray into production came in 1994 when 'Roll Call' was picked by Bay B Kane for his 4 Star series on White House Records. It wasn't until a few years later though that he really began to establish himself as a producer after meeting Giles Mensah AKA DJ Ink.

'Submerged' was the first fruit of their labours and was released on Ink's fledgling Architecture imprint in 1998. As the title would suggest, the intro features atmospherics that conjure up images of exploring the ocean depths. Punchy two-step drums come in as the track gradually builds but what really drives the track forward is the introduction of rapid tribal drumming alongside a dark wobbly bassline. It's a distinctive tune of a quality that led Kemistry & Storm to give it the honour of inclusion on their DJ-Kicks mix album in 1999. Despite this it doesn't seem to be all that well known these days and the 12" is currently available on discogs for as little as €1.50, making it an inexpensive weapon to add to your arsenal.

'Submerged' appears in this excellent mix from DJ Grace:

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  1. i can't belive u wrote about that one. I got hooked up by this track from K7 mix and , yeah, never came across it anywhere else. It's an absolutely smashing techstep roller and it has been hugely underestimated.