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4hero - Journey From The Light

4hero - Journey From The Light (Reinforced Records, 1993)

There has always been more to Dego and Marc Mac's productions than meets the eye with tracks such as 'Cooking Up Yah Brain' commenting on the dangers of drug use. 'Journey From The Light' was a rallying cry against the commercialisation of rave music and followed a rash of cartoon themed records produced with the intention of making the charts. This can be seen from the track's name which plays on the title of one of its sample sources, Brainstorm's 'Journey To The Light', to suggest a return to the underground.

The music is as dark and uncompromising as you would expect, opening with a harsh wail accompanied by a wicked Funky Mule based break punctuated by a regular bleeping sound. A twisted string part is joined by a "Make you wanna do right" vocal from First Choice's version of 'Love And Happiness', a sample Marc Mac returned to this year on 'Your Love Is Over' from the excellent Living In The Past LP produced under his Manix guise. The tune is chaotic and full of energy, packed with ravey synth stabs and timestretched breaks along with a few other samples. The pizzicato strings from the beginning of Earth, Wind & Fire's 'Daydreamin' are briefly introduced along with diva vocals while later a "Some people think it's in the sky" vocal from 'Journey To The Light' appears. The next line of this track is "Some people think it's in the ground" and considering 4hero's flip of the title, the suggestion is that it's the (under)ground to which you should be heading. Propulsive proto-jungle from two true pioneers.

'Journey From The Light' was included on the crucial Reinforced compilation The Definition Of Hardcore which is available from most digital retailers. The track was played heavily by Mickey Finn back in late '92/early '93 and you can check it out in his set at Quest & Pandemonium's NYE 1992 event over at Deep Inside The Oldskool.

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