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Total Science - Make Me Feel

Total Science - Make Me Feel (C.I.A., 2000)

Loleatta Holloway's 'Love Sensation' is probably the most sampled acapella of all time. Produced by Dan Hartman in 1980, her powerful vocals on the track were apparently aided by a popular cold relief product, with the singer later revealing "it was the hardest song I ever sang, I had to do it so many times, I lost my voice. I couldn't even talk the second day, so I told him to get me some Vicks vapour rub. I swallowed it with some coffee and that's how I was able to hold the notes so long". Black Box notoriously used large portions of the vocal on their 'Ride On Time' hit in 1989 without permission, resulting in legal action and an out of court settlement, and parts of 'Love Sensation' have subsequently appeared on hundreds of other tracks.

Between 2000 and 2002 Total Science were repeat offenders, first sampling her vocal on 'Make Me Feel' and then 'Juicy Fruit', 'Zanzibar' and 'Rated X'. 'Make Me Feel' is a blistering old skool flavoured cut that was the title track of an EP on their own C.I.A. label in 2000. It repeats Holloway's "Make me feel" line, turning it into a desperate plea to fill an emotional void over a synth riff that sounds an off-key siren. Other strange, disorientating sounds lurk in the background while the pristine drums use the Fools Gold break along with some underlying Amen. The killer bassline tops everything off for a tune that shows Total Science at the top of their game.

'Make Me Feel' was included on the first of their Audio Works compilations and is also available to download over at Drum&BassArena. Total Science's 'The Feel Good Remix' from 2002 has a tasty second drop and you can hear that version in this all vinyl/acetate studio mix by Ant TC1, recorded on the 25th August 2001:

Ant TC1 studio mix - recorded 25.08.2001 (all vinyl | acetates) by Ant Tc1 - Dispatch Recordings on Mixcloud

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