Monday, 4 November 2013

Steve C & DJ Monita - The Razors Edge

Steve C & DJ Monita - The Razors Edge (Skeleton Recordings, 1994)

I couldn't write about tracks that sample the Predator films without covering this awesome tune from Steve Conroy and Brian Fenner AKA Steve C and DJ Monita. The Skeleton Recordings label was started by Monita in 1992 and ran for thirteen releases before shutting down in 1994. Monita went on to have a few releases on Moving Shadow as one half of Current Affairs with Dom Angas.

Recorded at No U-Turn's studio, 'The Razors Edge' features a choice sample from Predator 2, re-editing Gary Busey's "This is his jungle" line so that it says "This, this is jungle". It's the perfect quote for this incredibly dark jungle tune that opens with the sound of rainforest atmospherics before cut-up drums using the NT break enter. A noise that sounds like a plane flying overhead brings in a murky bassline while some underlying 'Chorus Line' drums (via Addis Posse's 'Warriors Dance') are added to the mix. The breakdown brings some brief respite as the black clouds clear for some gorgeous synths but the darkness soon returns to close the track out. This, this is jungle.

To find out more about Monita and Skeleton Recordings check out this great interview he did with Drumtrip to accompany a stonking mix. The remastered Skeleton back catalogue will be available digitally soon via 'The Razors Edge' was a favourite of LTJ Bukem and you can hear the track in his set at Dreamscape 11 below:

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  1. Thanks for a great review.
    To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Razors there will be a new 4 track EP of The Razors Edge 2014 released early summer featuring band new remixes/reworks from mSdoS, Blade, Soul Intent and Crisis & Ikon-B.
    Check to keep up to date with the news.

  2. i kike ! where match ! jungle is massive