Friday, 15 November 2013

Peshay feat. Co-Ordinate - You Got Me Burning

Peshay feat. Co-Ordinate - You Got Me Burning (Cubik Music Productions, 2002)

The influence of house and disco on drum and bass was particularly apparent during the early 2000s when sped up filter house loops were all over the place following the success of J. Majik's 'Spaced Invader'. Peshay, who had long exhibited house influences in his productions, got in on the act by establishing the Cubik label which put out his Fuzion LP in 2002 with 'You Got Me Burning' as the opening track and lead single. It features Co-Ordinate, the Norwich duo of Rob Currie and Gareth Cavill who worked with the producer frequently during this period.

The track uses the same "You got me burning" vocal from Loleatta Holloways's 'Love Sensation' as Cloud 9's 'You Got Me Burnin'. It fuses it with a filtered loop of Chic's 'My Forbidden Lover' taken from the Olav Basoski Mix of Big Time Charlie feat. Soozy Q's 'Mr Devil' along with an "Oooohhhhhh yeah" vocal from the same track. Peshay and co. add a solid two-step beat and funky bassline as well as a few other vocal samples including what sounds like the Native American warcry from the beginning of Malcolm McLaren's 'Buffalo Gals'. A peak time tune which was massive back in 2001/02.

Cubik released the 'Ruffed Up Mix' of the tune in 2004. You can hear the original in the mix of house influenced drum and bass from 2000 - 2010 below:

BotS pt.1 - Space Invasion 2000 - 2010 by Cla_Stix on Mixcloud

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