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Metalheads - Sinister

Metalheads - Sinister (Synthetic, 1992)

Doc Scott wasn't the only drum and bass artist to sample the Mayday Mix of De-Lite's 'Wild Times' in '92 as later that year Goldie's Metalheads crew also used that grimey bassline on 'Sinister'. The track appeared on the same EP as 'Terminator' along with 'Kemistry' and 'Knowledge', a pivotal release alongside the As Nasty As I Wanna Be EP in the development of what would become drum and bass. Like 'Mayday, Mayday', the title may also be a reference to Derrick May, who had made a track of the same name in 1989 under his Rhythim Is Rhythim guise.

'Sinister' opens with synths influenced by those on a 1992 Belgian techno tune called 'Planet Mystery' by Jessie Deep!, pairing them with a rumbling bassline, thumping drums and a processed "So sinister" vocal sample. A rough Amen break is then deployed along with the 'Wild Times' bassline, while a few other warped vocal samples are dropped in. A second bassline (which reminds me of Roni Size's later 'Snapshot') arrives just before the breakdown which features some of the iconic guitar from the beginning of Pink Floyd's 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond'. Mentasm stabs then arrive before a "Rufige" vocal brings the track to a close. Apparently a few years after this Goldie played Timeless to Derrick May in a car and May was absolutely gobsmacked, later referring to the album as "a perfect, beautiful record".

The track received an awesome remix from Grooverider on Enforcers Vol. 5 the following year. You can hear the original in Doc Scott's Tape For Sarah studio mix from late 1992:

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