Friday, 29 November 2013

Lemon D - Two Techniques

Lemon D - Two Techniques (R&S Records, 2000)

Back in 1997 Dillinja and Lemon D both signed album deals with London and R&S Records respectively. Unfortunately Dillinja's didn't arrive until 2001 while Lemon D's never came out. However a couple of singles did get released in early '00s, 'Two Techniques' and 'B Boyz Revenge', while other tracks intended for the album such as 'Fallin' saw the light of day on other labels. 'Two Techniques' opens with an extended intro featuring dialogue from a martial arts film:

"I have an idea that I think will work. We will trade our sons. I will give you my son and you will give me custody of yours, so that when they are grown up they will have learned to combine the two strongest techniques. When their time comes, our sons will be unbeatable"

Lemon D places the dialogue sample over tension building strings and jazzy flute before a nasty chainsaw bassline rises up from the depths. This is joined by live drumming from renowned British jazz drummer Gary Husband recorded by Dillinja & Lemon D and used on a number of their tracks. The track comes to a lush conclusion as jazzy keys arrive during the final minute before some sax brings it to a close. Perhaps because it wasn't on a traditional drum and bass label this track was somewhat underappreciated but ranks among Lemon D's best work.

'Two Techniques' is available to purchase from most digital retailers. The 12" lists the Dillinja remix on the flipside as being over thirteen minutes long because the CD single included a hidden track with drum loops and bass sounds. This is included in the digital version, making it a nice resource for producers. Check it out below via Spotify:

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  1. But, what is the movie the sample was lifted from? I love the track, but have been wondering this since I first heard it in like '03. Cheers

    1. I'm not sure, but my best guess would be Blood Brothers, original title Hyeolu Cheonha, an eighties Korean martial arts film in which two friends from rival shaolin training centers decide to swap sons so their children can learn different fighting styles. However I haven't seen the film and can't find any clips to confirm this so if anyone has a copy please check and let me know, cheers!