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Essence Of Aura - Can I Dream

Essence Of Aura - Can I Dream (Outstanding Productions, 1993)

Formed in Kenilworth in 1990 before moving to Coventry in 1992, Essence Of Aura were the production trio of Tim Grantham, James Mitton-Wade and Ian Scott. They also performed live PAs with the addition of MC Hifi (of the Edge Club) and dancer Jessica, appearing at events such as Eclipse, Amnesia House, Quest and Club Kinetic. They started their own Outstanding Productions (later Outstanding Records) label in 1992 and 'Can I Dream' appeared on the second release, The Pure Essence EP, in 1993.

It's a dark edged track which features a dialogue sample from Aliens, taking Newt's "Can I Dream?" line from the end of the film. It opens with a strange choppy sound which is joined by drums that start with some Think and then add a four to the floor kick and finally the Amen break. Bassy synths come in before the Aliens sample brings in a warped riff that sounds like multiple laser guns going off at once. A superb tune from the period when hardcore was transitioning into jungle and an excellent example of Essence Of Aura's early breakbeat driven sound.

The track received a remix from Doc Scott on The Never Trust Your Fantasies EP but my favourite version of the track is the 'Uncut Dub' by Essence Of Aura themselves under their Original Substitute guise which appeared on the Jungle Tekno 5 compilation. The Loftgroover set below from Quest & Fibre Optics's End of Summer Spectacular on the 28th August 1993 opens with Essence Of Aura performing a live PA of the original version:

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