Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Dom & Roland - Trauma

Dom & Roland - Trauma (Renegade Hardware, 1998)

Dom Angas is an artist who has sampled films extensively in his music, from dialogue samples to the music and atmospherics. Back in March 1997 Dom told DJ Magazine:

"I'm very into the soundscapes used in films, very into the way moods are created with music and the way it takes you... I'm fascinated by that and like to think that I translate that into the drum and bass format"

This influence couldn't be more clear than on 'Trauma' which came out on Renegade Hardware the following year. It samples some sweeping, portentous strings from Alien: Resurrection, placing them over thumping, mechanical beats and sci-fi sound effects during the intro before an incredibly dirty, muscular bassline is dropped, occasionally accompanied by what sounds like a car alarm going off and other strange noises. This is cinematic music that conjures up images of a dystopian future where machines have taken over and encapsulates what Dom was trying to achieve with his productions at this time.

'Trauma' is available to purchase digitally directly from the Renegade Hardware store. It's included in Pearsall's Renegades mix, a selection of his favourites from the first twenty or so releases from the label:

Renegades by Pearsall on Mixcloud

Discogs link

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