Thursday, 28 November 2013

Dillinja - Vicious

Dillinja - Vicious (Test Recordings, 1998)

The title of this one is a perfect description of not just the track itself but Dillinja's music in general. It was released on the first volume of Dillinja & Lemon D's Test Recordings, a label which featured a logo that with its yellow and black colour scheme resembled the radiation warning symbol. The imprint was a sub label of Valve Recordings and didn't feature any artist names, possibly due to the frequent use of sampling. There's no doubt who was behind this production though.

'Vicious' is vintage Dillinja with an incredibly atmospheric intro featuring fading synth pads, trumpet and a "Vicious" vocal from Black Mamba's 'Vicious' along with numerous other sounds. The drums recall his earlier 'Threshold' with the Life Could break complemented by a bit of Apache and although the sub bass doesn't quite approach that tune's excessive levels it's still one to test any system. The track also uses the same "Allow me to demonstrate the skill of shaolin, the special technique" dialogue sample from Shaolin Vs. Lama (via Raekwon's 'Guillotine (Swordz)') as Ray Keith's 'Special Technique' and Dillinja shows off his unique style at the second drop when more distorted bass arrives. As the label artwork suggests, caution is definitely advised.

Although not released until 1998 the tune was around on dubplate for two years before it came out. You can hear it in Kemistry & Storm's set on One In The Jungle from 28th June 1996 (with none other than 'The Unofficial Ghost' following it):

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