Saturday, 19 October 2013

T.Power - The Elemental

T.Power - The Elemental (Sociospective Mix) (SOUR, 1994)

Ram Trilogy weren't the first to sample the "beast man" speech from Planet Of The Apes with this track from T.Power beating them by eight years. It appeared on the same 12" as the Stars Wars sampling 'Chasin' A Dream' and starts with the whole speech including a line omitted from the Ram Trilogy tune:

"Shun him; drive him back into his jungle lair"

Although the two tracks use the same sample they are very different, with 'The Elemental' being an ambient jungle style tune which uses the Sesame Street break alongside reverbed piano, spacey synths and a deep bassline. The track later uses another line from the film: "Is there another jungle beyond the forbidden zone?". The name of the mix refers to the social commentary present in the film and the sampled dialogue, a recurring theme in T.Power's work - for instance 'Police State' which came out on SOUR the following year. Literally "intelligent" jungle.

You can hear the track in this selection of T.Power's 1994 to 1996 material put together by TheDarkStranger:

T-Power Overload by Thadarkstranger on Mixcloud

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