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Source Direct - Stonekiller

Source Direct - Stonekiller (Metalheadz, 1996)

Selected Ambient Works Volume II is a rather unique entry in Aphex Twin's discography, consisting of mostly beatless soundscapes that veer from soothing to disturbing. All of the tracks except one are untitled but correspond to a picture in the album's booklet which is how they normally referred to. Source Direct's 'Stonekiller' samples a big chunk of SAW2 CD1 TRK4 AKA 'Hankie', a track that was omitted from the US edition of the album. It appeared on the St Albans boys' second and last 12" for Metalheadz, although they had a release on Razors Edge the following year which included their remix of 'Stonekiller'.

Whereas PFM crafted a blissful tune around a SAW2 sample on 'Danny's Song', here Source Direct take you on a dark journey, opening with the eerie sounds from 'Hankie' alongside other unsettling atmospherics. A menacing bassline is then introduced before stunning cut-up drums that use the 'Tighten Up' break crash in. There is also a sample from Quincy Jones' 'Money Runner' off the Dollar$ OST just past the four minute mark as well as sounds apparently taken from Jerry Goldsmith's Planet Of The Apes score (according to this, haven't checked it out myself yet). Brutal and dark as fuck, but with dollops of funk - this is the sort of material that gets better with age.

'Stonekiller' was included on Platinum Breakz Volume II. You can hear it leading off Nolige's Another Bluenote Mix below:

Nolige - Another Bluenote Mix [2003] by Noligeuk on Mixcloud

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