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Rollers Instinct - Mid Town Method (First Level)

Rollers Instinct - Mid Town Method (First Level) (Emotif Recordings, 1995)

SOUR formed the more experimental, techy Emotif label in 1995 following the success of DJ Trace's 'Mutant Remix' and released the essential Techsteppin compilation the following year. 'Mutant Remix' was subtitled "Rollers Instinct" and Trace & Nico (who had engineered it) then used this as their alias for the third release on the new label. The B Side, 'Mid Town Method', shares the same base components as DJ Zinc's 'So Damn Fresh' - Life Could drums, a reese bassline and vocal samples from 'The Next Level' by Tha Alkaholiks - but takes things in a completely different direction, leaving you drained rather than energised.

The track opens with the Life Could break along with the shouts of "I feel" from 'The Next Level' that Tha Alkaholiks had themselves sampled from Fantastic Five's intro during a legendary MC Battle with the Cold Crush Brothers at Harlem World in 1981. However 'The Next Level' is definitely the source as the track later samples its "Welcome to the next level" vocal. Following the introduction of a funky guitar lick and plodding bassline Trace & Nico then deploy a nasty reese bassline along with Method Man's "Anger, comin' from tha 36 chamber, bang!, Tical, hittin' with da buddha fist style" line from 'PLO Style'. There's also a "Get wild when I rip the freestyle" vocal which was later used by Rascal & Klone on 'Get Wild' while the Life Could drums are complemented by some Apache and later the Amen break. Trace & Nico truly taking things to the "next level" with some punishing techstep.

Trace later remixed the track as 'Mid Town Method (Level II)' on SOUR's Nu Skool Flava LP. Check the original out in wozowski's Step Tech mix of '96 Techstep below:

Step Tech - 1996 Tech Step Set by Wozowski on Mixcloud

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