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PFM - Danny's Song

PFM - Danny's Song (Good Looking Records, 1996)

Dred Bass weren't the only drum and bass act to sample a recently released Aphex Twin track. This tune from PFM uses the synth from the officially untitled track generally known as 'Z Twig' which appeared on Richard D. James' Selected Ambient Works Volume II LP from 1994. Although 'Danny's Song' wasn't released until 1996 on the Logical Progression album it had featured in LTJ Bukem's sets since '94.

PFM (Progressive Future Music) were the duo of Mike Bolton and Jamie Saker although it is now Bolton's solo project. They had met Bukem in 1990 around the time they first got into the rave scene and in 1994 the Good Looking boss encouraged them to start producing. The result was classic tracks such as 'One & Only', 'The Western' and 'Danny's Song', a tribute to Bukem (real name Danny Williamson).

It opens with cosmic synths and echoed percussion before introducing the Aphex Twin sample and a take on the Hot Pants break that sounds like it comes from Psychotropic's 'Hypnosis' which is based on the breakbeat from Paris's 'Break The Grip Of Shame'. It's a typically beautiful Good Looking style tune with sensual female vocals and later a sample from 'Heliopolis' by Banco de Gaia which itself was sampling Dead Can Dance's 'Dawn Of The Iconoclast', the same source as the vocal on Future Sound of London's 'Papa New Guinea' (unfortunately the video clip above is cut before this point). Music for your mind, body and soul.

'Danny's Song' appears in truncated form on PFM's Producer 02 compilation and is available digitally from the Good Looking store and Beatport. You can hear the track in Bukem's set at Dreamscape 11 from the 1st July 1994:

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