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Origin Unknown - Sound In Motion

Origin Unknown - Sound In Motion (RAM Records, 1998)

In 1998 RAM Records released the excellent Sound In Motion album, the second label compilation following the similarly titled Speed of Sound LP. One of the biggest cuts on the album alongside Moving Fusion's massive 'Turbulence' was the title cut from Origin Unknown themselves and the two tracks were later released on a 12" together.

The "Sound in motion" vocal on this tune has been identified as coming from David Lynch's Dune, in fact from the same scene Paradox sampled on 'A Certain Sound', but it's rather difficult to know for sure due to the "computer voice" effect Origin Unknown put it through. It would make sense though as RAM are known for the sci-fi vibe of their records and they regularly sampled sci-fi films, with Andy C telling Massive Magazine around the time of the album's release:

"I personally grew up with the sci-fi films, there seemed to be an untold amount of films coming out in the mid-eighties and I think they influenced a lot of people"

Shimon & Andy C also later sampled Dune on 'Mind Killer' in 2002, using the line "I must not fear. Fear is the mind killer" from the Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear as recited by the character Paul Atreides in this scene. 'Sound In Motion' begins with a suspense filled intro before introducing drums that resemble the sound of a train speeding along the tracks, nicely representing the "Sound in motion" concept and giving the tune plenty of forward momentum. The drums are complemented by a menacing drone of a bassline which makes for a formidable tune from the Hornchurch boys which can do some serious damage on the 'floor.

'Sound In Motion' is available to purchase digitally directly from RAM Records. You can hear Andy C finishing his set at One Nation's New Years Eve 1997 event with Stevie Hyper D on the mic:

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