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Omni Trio - Thru The Vibe (94)

Omni Trio - Thru The Vibe (94) (Moving Shadow, 1994)

'Thru The Vibe' was first released by Rob Haigh on his own Candidate Records in 1993 under the name London Steppers in a limited edition run of just 500 copies. It was then remixed twice in 1994 with the '94 version appearing on Moving Shadow's Two On One Series Issue 2 (along with DJ Crystl's 'King Of The Beats') and the Bongo Mix on Omni Trio Vol. 4: Rollin Heights. There aren't huge differences between the three mixes but the 2 On 1 mix as it became known on later reissues is the best known.

It's a simply stunning tune that combines the euphoric vocals and piano of hardcore with the grit of jungle. Rob Haigh's background in ambient music really comes through with gorgeous synths leading up to the introduction of a twinkling piano melody. The track features chipmunked vocals from C+C Music Factory's 'Keep It Comin' (Dance Till You Can't Dance No More!)': "Music is my life and it helps me through the vibe". The difference between the '94 mix and the original becomes apparent when machine gun snares arrive at the drop adding an edge to the previously more ambient tune. The Bongo Mix also uses the snares but as the name suggests features bongos during the extended intro and breakdown and is essentially a more chilled version of the '94 mix. An achingly beautiful tune from one of the masters of ambient jungle.

The 2 On 1 Mix is included on the Omni Trio compilation Volume 1993-2003. Both Moving Shadow versions are also available digitally from Beatport and DrumandBassArena. Check out the Bongo Mix in Law's Deep Jungle Mix Vol. 2:

Deep Jungle Mix Vol 2 - Mayday 2008 by The Law on Mixcloud

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