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New Blood - Worries In The Dance

New Blood - Worries In The Dance (London Some'ting Records, 1994)

This is my 300th post so to mark the occasion I thought I'd take a look at this sample packed jungle classic. New Blood were a trio consisting of David Quamina, A. Carrington and Nathan Pike. Quamina is better known as DJ Stretch, who also worked with the Reinforced camp and collaborated with Tee Bone on tracks such as 'Shaolin Style' and 'The Natural' (as New Skool Society). Alongside a number of other samples it makes use of the vocals of Mary J. Blige who has to be the most sampled r'n'b singer in jungle with tunes such as 'P-Funk Era', 'Being With You' and 'Wheel 'N' Deal' all featuring her voice.

'Worries In The Dance' opens with the "Soundboy, turn off dem lickle drum pan ting pon de sound we ah play ah to you" line from Cocoa Tea's 'Turn Off Dem Sound Deh', a track that appeared on Saxon Studio Presents Dancehall Specials Vol. 1. This compilation is the source of a number of the vocals on the track which was among the first jungle tunes to feature samples from the Saxon Sound dubplates that would become de rigueur on the scene. The track then immediately drops into Capleton's "Oh dem a gwarn like dem good so, but dem nah respec' the yout dem from the ghetto, unnu ask dem" vocal from 'Good So' before bringing in a tough bassline with sirens, the Think break and Blige's "Oooh, baby... Whatcha gonna do" vocals from 'My Love' that were also used on Da Intalex's 'What Ya Gonna Do'. The track takes its title from the introductory vocals to another track from Dancehall Specials, the Saxon Dubplate of Frankie Paul's 'Worries In The Dance', cutting between this and the "Stalk of sensimilla, burning down the dance" line from 'Stalk Of Sensimilla' by Michael Rose which also appeared on the album. Finally the "This is sunrise and we outta bright light, mama dead, pupa dead, without a fight..." vocal comes from Beenie Man's 'Mobster'. A massive tune played by all the top DJs, this was the sound of London in 1994.

The track also had an excellent remix which switched Capleton's 'Good So' for 'Bad So' and featured additional vocals from Blige's 'My Love'. You can hear an unreleased VIP mix of the track towards the end of Kenny Ken's set at Quest - The Untouchables on 11th June 1994 below:

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