Monday, 28 October 2013

MA2 - Rollers Music

MA2 - Rollers Music (Formation Records, 1994)

This tune from DJ SS features the same part of the vocal from Mary J. Blige's 'My Love' that was added to the remix of New Blood's 'Worries In The Dance'. The vocal doesn't come in until midway through and goes:

"I was a fool to let you in
Knowing you would play with my heart
But that was so long ago that I thought
We could make a new start"

The track starts with soothing synths along with piano, slightly out of key sounding female vocals and drums that alternate between the Cold Sweat break and the Amen. This distinctive take on the Amen break is borrowed from Ray Keith's remix of 'Sweet Sensation' by Shades of Rhythm and was probably created by Nookie. The drop brings in a heavy bassline for a track that mixes the rough with the smooth although I've always preferred 'Hearing Is Believing' on the flip.

The remix of 'Rollers Music' is a better tune with a catchier bassline, sirens, Ray Keith 'Terrorist' bleeps and a "Let off selecta" vocal sampled from 'Grand Finale' by the Demon Boyz, Asher D and Daddy Freddy off Music Of Life's Hustlers Convention LP. You can hear the remix in Randall's set at Desire on the 29th April 1995:

Randall - Desire 29th April 1995 by Djmpd 1992 on Mixcloud

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