Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Glamour Gold - You Can Run

Glamour Gold - You Can Run (Philly Blunt Records, 1996)

DJ Krust was always one for hip-hop samples on his more jump-up minded material and on this tune under his Glamour Gold alias for Philly Blunt he combines a Mobb Deep sample with some classic Wu-Tang.

It opens with a suspense building loop of some strings and percussion before the beat comes in along with the crazy moog synth from GZA's RZA produced '4th Chamber' off the Liquid Swords album. A sample of Prodigy from Mobb Deep's 'Survival Of The Fittest' ("You can run run run, but you can't hide hide hide hide") then brings in a bouncy bassline. The shuffling drums combine the Sandy and Action breaks while bleeps, a radio tuning effect and a second vocal sample ("Everybody got a breaking point kid") are also dropped into the track. It was a favourite of Mickey Finn and you can hear him play it at One Nation: The Back 2 Back Payback 1996 with Skibadee & Hyper D on top form:

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