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Elementz Of Noize - Other Side Of Town

Elementz Of Noize - Other Side Of Town (SOUR, 1996)

Elementz Of Noize were Alan Clark and Justin Maughan and they had previously been in the hardcore techno group The P.S.I. Division together and worked at Newcastle's Bass Generator record shop. After leaving the group they started recording as a duo and met SOUR co-owner Dave Stone when they were DJing at a jungle night in Newcastle called Telegraph (which also had Hidden Agenda on the bill), leading to a series of releases on the imprint and its Emotif sub-label. They had enormous range, making everything from jump-up to atmospheric drum and bass, but are best known as techstep producers. 'Other Side Of Town' was the b side of their second 12" for SOUR and displays their harder sound.

The track extensively features a couple of hip-hop samples, opening with some lines from Prodigy of Mobb Deep on the Sewa/41st. Side Remix of Das EFX's 'Microphone Master': "On the ground with the big four pound / He hear the sound on the other side of town". The drop brings in a wobble bassline with Life Could drums but the influence of No U-Turn is clear when some nasty reese is added. Some rumbling bass precedes the introduction of the Hot Pants break and the second vocal sample, this time from El Da Sensai on The Artifacts' 'C'mon Wit' Da Git Down': "Cause nowadays it's da ways of the underground" and later: "Where kids get wreck and the beat's bound to pound". Somewhere between hardstep and techstep, it's a little known gem of a tune that was an early indicator of the direction the duo would take.

You can hear the track during this One In The Jungle show from June 1996:

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