Saturday, 5 October 2013

Dylan - Go! (The Return)

Dylan - Go! (The Return) (Raid, 2000)

Moby's 'Go' is a rave classic that everyone knows, although it's actually the Woodtick Mix rather than the original which most people will be familiar with. The Woodtick Mix provides the basis for Dylan's unofficial drum and bass update, the second 10" release on the Raid imprint and a follow up to his take on Joey Beltram's 'Energy Flash' which I looked at a while back.

The remix opens with the haunting synthetic strings which Moby interpolated from Angelo Badalamenti's 'Laura Palmer's Theme' on the Twin Peaks soundtrack. Among other elements it also features the two main vocal samples from the Moby track, the "Go!" from Tones On Tail's 'Go!' and the "Yeaheahyeah" from Jocelyn Brown's 'Love's Gonna Get You', the acapella of which was also sampled on such well known tracks as Snap's 'The Power' and Bizarre Inc's 'I'm Gonna Get You'. Dylan turns it into a heavy industrial drum and bass track with a nasty Reese bassline and pounding drums for a remix that was in keeping with both the techstep sound and the hardcore revival of the time.

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