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Dred Bass feat. The JB - World Of Music

Dred Bass feat. The JB - World Of Music (Back 2 Basics, 1995)

Dead Dred's 'Dred Bass' was one of the biggest jungle tunes of '94 and was produced by Lee "Asend" Smith and Warren "Ultravibe" Smith. While many people assume they are brothers they aren't in fact even related and just share a very common surname. Confusingly Lee Smith then used the title of Dead Dred's most well known track as an alias, initially as a solo artist and then as duo with Back 2 Basics boss Jason Ball. 'World Of Music' was their first 12" together under the name although they'd already teamed up as The JB & Asend the previous year.

Over stuttered drums it opens with a rather blatant sample of the twisted synth from Aphex Twin's 'Come On You Slags!' off his ...I Care Because You Do album which had only just been released. The "World of music" vocal sample is a pitched down Liberace introducing a performance of 'Chopsticks' although they probably took it from De La Soul's 'Plug Tunin'. The vocal brings in an energetic Reese bassline along with drums that use a few different breaks, starting with the 'Do The Do' and then adding some Apache and later the Think break. A classic piece of jump-up from the ever reliable Back 2 Basics crew.

'World Of Music' has been remixed several times with a Northern Connexion / Apollo 13 Remixes 12", a VIP on the Explicit Bass compilation, a Mampi Swift remix on the Dred Bass LP that the track lent its title to and finally a Twisted Individual remix in 2004. You can hear the original in Haste's Jump Up Mix Part 1:

Haste - Jump Up Mix Part 1 by Mrhaste on Mixcloud

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