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DJ Krust - Angles / Gang Related - Big Time

DJ Krust - Angles / Gang Related - Big Time (V Recordings/Dope Dragon, 1996)

I'm feeling generous today so here's two DJ Krust tracks for the price of one. Both came out around the same time and both sample dialogue from Carlito's Way, another classic Brian De Palma directed, Al Pacino starring gangster movie, and the similarities don't end there.

'Angles' is the better known and my favourite of the two tracks. The short beatless intro features tension building horns and off key piano hits taken from Geoff Love & His Orchestra's 'The Executioner'. A pitched down sample of the "When you can't see the angles no more, you're in trouble" line from Carlito's Way leads into the drop which brings in a catchy squidgy bassline with drums that use the Think and Worm breaks and it's one of Krust's finest jump-up style tracks.

'Big Time' was his first solo release under the Gang Related alias, which is appropriate considering the sample source. It features Al Pacino's expletive laden shouts of "Are you up against it now motherfucker... I'm reloaded, okay?... You think you big time. You're going to fucking die big time", while the bassline has a similar feel to 'Angles' and the drums also use the Worm break along with some judiciously deployed Amen. It's not quite as refined as 'Angles' which is probably why it came out on Dope Dragon rather than the more prominent V Recordings but it's still a decent tune.

There was also a dubplate mix of 'Angles' that featured an intro with drums and that version was included on V Recording's Retrospect Volume 1 compilation. You can hear the dubplate mix of the tune along with 'Big Time' in Bryan G's set at Pure X 'Back With A Vengeance' from the 23rd September 1995:

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