Friday, 4 October 2013

Carlito & DJ Addiction - Supergrass

Carlito & DJ Addiction - Supergrass (Defunked, 2000)

James Mitton-Wade AKA Carlito is another artist who took inspiration from Carlito's Way for a moniker - his first release under the name for Creative Source in 1995 even included a track entitled 'Carlito's Way'. Around this time he met Jason Foreman AKA DJ Addiction at Speed and the two collaborated on a 12", Future Elements / I Want You, also for Fabio's label. But it wasn't until around 2000 that they became a regular duo with releases on Creative Source, Hospital and Darren Hickey AKA Fellowship's Defunked imprint.

'Supergrass' was their debut for the label and it's a classic piece of liquid funk that's a personal favourite of mine. It features soulful female vocals ("Let's get down... Get down down down") which also appeared on 'Down Down Down' by Gambafreaks, a funky house tune from 1999, but I don't think this is the original source although given the timing it may have inspired Carlito & Addiction. Underneath the vocals they create a sumptuous track with immediately recognisable synth pads, warm rolling bass and snippets of sax alongside several other elements. Vocodered "Together" vocals accompany the main vocals and there is also a sample of the "Go!" from Moby's rave hit of the same name (but originating in Tones On Tail's 'Go!'). Two parts of the tune really do it for me - the gorgeous synth melody that comes in at about 2:10 and the jazzy drumming at the breakdown. A multilayered track that I never get tired of.

The digital is available at Drum&BassArena and Beatport along with the rest of the Defunked catalogue although sadly the label now lives up to its name. You can hear 'Supergrass' on Defunked's Soulful Behaviour album mixed by DJ Addiction as well as DJ Marky's excellent Movement: The Brazilian Job CD. It's also included on the All Defunked Records Tribute Mix below:

All Defunked Records Tribute Mix by Jilted Jane / Doppelganger on Mixcloud

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