Thursday, 3 October 2013

Benny Blanco - Remember Me? (From The Bronx)

Benny Blanco - Remember Me? (From The Bronx) (Back 2 Basics, 1995)

This track from the Back 2 Basics camp doesn't just sample Carlito's Way but uses a character from the film for the artist name. An alias of label boss Jason Ball, "Benny Blanco" later resurfaced on a few Back 2 Basics releases in the '00s but 'Remember Me?' is the track that he'll be, well, best remembered for.

The track starts in misleading fashion with chilled keys, strings and bongos but the calm is brought to a sudden end as a drum roll arrives, accompanied by the "Remember me? Benny Blanco from the Bronx" line from the end of the film, timestretched and accompanied by gunshots. This brings in an upbeat overmodulated bassline along with drums that use the Hot Pants and Life Could breaks, while the second drop lets rip with some Amen. Nothing too complex, just good old fashioned jump-up.

The track received remixes from The Dream Team and DJ Hype in his Ganja Cru alias in 1996 and you can hear the latter of those in Pearsall's Actual Pirate Material mix below - full tracklist and further info can be found over at his Sonic Rampage site.

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