Thursday, 31 October 2013

Bay B Kane - Jungle Warriors ('95 Remix)

Bay B Kane - Jungle Warriors ('95 Remix) (White House Records, 1995)

Mel Jalal Tanur AKA Bay B Kane produced some of the finest darkside hardcore and jungle from '92-'95 and was responsible for classics such as 'Hello Darkness' and 'Rhythm'. The forward thinking original version of 'Jungle Warriors' came out on his The Next Step: Forward In Reverse EP in 1993 and was then updated for '95 on The Rise Of The Phoenix EP.

The track was inspired by Rob Elliot of acid housers The Window Smashers who passed away in 1992 and is the voice behind its "Jungle warriors are coming" hook. The remix doesn't stray too far from the original and opens with the same sample from Eric B & Rakim's 'In The Ghetto', looping the beat and Rakim's "Under the dark skies, on a dark side" vocal before bringing in that wicked reverse bassline and a cut-up of the Soul Pride break. The most notable differences are the removal of the buzzing synth riff and the addition of Mac's "Same kinda moon, same kinda jungle" line from Predator along with some horns. Incendiary stuff from a legendary producer.

The original appeared on Bay B Kane's excellent The Guardian Of Ruff album, while the remix is included on Calling All The People: The Best Of White House Records which is available digitally from Juno Download. Bay B Kane is back producing and you can grab a free download of the 2012 VIP of 'Jungle Warriors' from his Soundcloud page:

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