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Barcode - New Dance

Barcode - New Dance (Formation Records, 1996)

Mobb Deep, the Queensbridge duo of Prodigy and Havoc, are two endlessly quotable MCs and consequently have been extensively sampled in drum and bass, particularly tracks from the albums The Infamous (1995) and Hell On Earth (1996). DJ Zinc and DJ Hype have sampled Mobb Deep a number of times but I've written about them far too much so I'm going to take a look at this track from Barcode AKA Patrick James of Mental Power. The Barcode name was only used for a couple of 12"s, the original and remix of 'New Dance', plus a few remixes such as 'Those DJ's' and 'Purple'.

The intro features the strings of 'Spring' from Vivaldi's Four Seasons but I'm not a big fan of obvious classical music samples in drum and bass (with the exception being Gang Related & Mask's 'Dictation'). It also uses Morris Day's introductory vocal from The Time's 'The Bird', a Prince-related song that featured in his Purple Rain film and has its own dance: "Do y'all wanna learn a new dance? Who can dance out there? OK, we're gonna try a new dance, and if I don't see everybody doin' it, I don't wanna see you no more". The drop brings in a hardstepping bassline over stomping drums that incorporate the Sesame Street break as well as Prodigy's "Survival of the fit, only the strong survive" line from Mobb Deep's 'Survival Of The Fittest'. The 97 Remix drops the Vivaldi sample but doesn't have such a good bassline so although I prefer its intro I generally still go for the original.

You can hear the track in Eazyflow's 1996 Jump Up Mix below - head over to DnB Blog to grab the download.

Eazyflow - 1996 Jump Up Mix by Dnb Blog on Mixcloud

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