Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Asend & Ultravibe - Real Love

Asend & Ultravibe - Real Love (Back 2 Basics, 1995)

Here's another jungle tune that samples Mary J. Blige, although like MA2's 'Rollers Music' the vocal doesn't appear until midway through. What is interesting about this tune is the released mix differed to the dubplate version. The earlier dubplate mix which is the one in the video above features a sample from Predator just before the drop: "There's something out there waiting for us, and it ain't no man" (as spoken by Billy in this scene). However the released mix switched it for a ragga vocal with gunshots (a la 'Dred Bass') that was timestretched to the point of incomprehensibility.

The track starts with melancholy keys and swirling synths accompanied by the Hot Pants break before the Predator/ragga vocal brings in a huge reversed bassline with a crashing Amen break. Although pretty similar, the bassline on the dubplate mix is treated slightly differently and sounds much better than the one that was released, which combined with the preferable Predator sample makes it the far superior version of the track. The Blige sample comes in at the breakdown: "I got'ta have a real love" and funnily enough is from her 'Real Love' single. Another tune that features that killer combination of ambient intro and ferocious breaks and bass.

The 'Predator mix' is actually included on Breakdown's Drum & Bass Selection 4 which I bought on vinyl in part to get hold of this tune, although with 5 tunes per side the quality ain't great. The released version is also available on Breakdown's DJ Box Vol. 1 compilation. Check out the 'Predator mix' in Mickey Finn's set at One Nation: The Birthday Ball on the 3rd December 1994:

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