Monday, 16 September 2013

Wildchild - Renegade Master (Urban Takeover Mix)

Wildchild - Renegade Master (Urban Takeover Mix) (Hi-Life, 1997)

My Monday Retrospect column for DnB Blog this week pays tribute to Gifford Noel AKA DJ Trend with a look at TNT's massive jump-up anthem '2 Degrees'. A respected DJ, producer and label owner, Trend passed away on his 32nd birthday three years ago tomorrow from heart failure. Writing about him reminded me of Roger McKenzie AKA Wildchild, a Southampton based house producer during the early to mid-nineties who had just released his biggest hit ('Renegade Master') and set up his own Dark Black label when he died of an undiagnosed heart condition aged just 24 - RIP. Two years later 'Renegade Master' was remixed by Fatboy Slim, Stretch & Vern and inevitably, Urban Takeover.

Micky Finn & Aphrodite were the go to drum and bass remixers in 1997/1998 following their huge 'No Diggity' bootleg. Their version of 'Renegade Master' follows that remix's formula with the "Back once again for the renegade master / D for damager / Power to the people" vocals cut-up during the intro over the original's screeching horns and a two-step beat. The vocals are sampled and rearranged from 'One For The Trouble' by A.D.O.R. (standing for Another Dimension of Rhythm and A Declaration Of A Revolution), a 1994 hip-hop cut produced by K-Def and Marley Marl. The horns meanwhile are taken from Lords Of The Underground's 'Funky Child', another production from K-Def and Marley Marl who had themselves interpolated them from the Thom Bell Orchestra's 'A Theme For L.A.'s Team' (1971). A big drum roll leads into a typical Urban Takeover bassline with two-step drums that incorporate the Think break. You knew exactly how this remix would sound before even putting the needle on the record but it does the job.

Incidentally, Roni Size's 'Phizical' which I looked at a couple of days ago samples Wildchild's 'Who Needs Who'.

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