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The Pedge - What's Up Now (Ray Keith Remix)

The Pedge - What's Up Now (Ray Keith Remix) (Penny Black, 2000)

The Pedge is Pedro McLeod, a long time friend of Gavin Cheung AKA Nookie who used to work alongside him at Red Records in Soho. He also assisted Nookie on some of his productions and inspired a few great track titles including 'Pedro Visits Romford' and 'Pedro Pulls An Essex Sort'. In 1999 he had his first release, The Glimmer Man EP, on Ray Keith's Penny Black label and the following year the highlight of that EP, 'What's Up Now' received a double 12" set of all-star remixes from Nookie, Ray Keith and Future Cut & M.I.S.T. along with a re-edit from The Pedge himself.

It's a strong package but my favourite is label boss Ray Keith's version. Like Remarc's 'Menace' the track samples the "Wussup now partner" line from Menace II Society. Ray Keith cheekily adds a couple of dialogue samples from spoof movie Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood including "See, 'cause in the hood everybody's a target". The Hot Pants break is used during the intro along with dub sirens, haunting synths and the film dialogue before the Amen break comes in along with great slabs of distorted reese bass for a dark tearer of a remix.

The Pedge went on to work with Blame on his 720 Degrees imprint, making liquid funk as Blame & The Pedge (see 'Lift Me Up') and darker material as Keepers Of The Peace (see 'Krypton Factor').

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