Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The 45 Roller - Let The Funk Flow

The 45 Roller - Let The Funk Flow (Ebony Recordings, 1996)

Sweet Tee, real name Toi Jackson, is an American female rapper from Queens who found success in the eighties with her Hurby "Luv Bug" Azor produced It's Tee Time album and singles such as 'On The Smooth Tip' and 'I Got Da Feelin'. Shy FX would appear to be a fan as he sampled the beat of 'On The Smooth Tip' on 'Funkindemup' and also samples the guitar from 'It's Like That Y'all' on 'Let The Funk Flow' under his 45 Roller alias.

The guitar lick is originally from soul singer Betty Wright's 1971 single 'Clean Up Woman' but 'It's Like That Y'all' is definitely where Shy FX sourced it as he also uses the same "Aaaaaooww" vocal from James Brown's 'Get Up Offa That Thing' that appears towards the beginning of the Sweet Tee track. 'Clean Up Woman' was also sampled on numerous other hip-hop tracks including Africa Bambaataa's 'Zulu War Chant' and the Bad Boy Remix of Mary J. Blige's 'Real Love'. The sound of footsteps and a door being opened lead into a sample of a vocal from Da Brat, another female rapper: "Open up ya door, let the funk flow in" (which I believe is from a clean version of 'Give It 2 Me' although I can't find any audio). The track has a funky boogie style bassline and synth along with the Apache break which Shy clearly loved back in 1995/1996, using it on a number of his tunes from this era.

You can hear Shy FX's remix of the track in this Brockie & MC Det mix on the One In The Jungle show from the 23rd August 1996:

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