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ST Files - Systematic

ST Files - Systematic (Intalex Productions, 1995)

Lee Davenport AKA ST Files was introduced to Marcus Intalex by Flex Records boss and fellow northerner L Double in the early nineties. Marcus recalled in an interview with XLR8R in 2007 that: "We used to fucking hate each other. I was into hard Belgian and Detroit techno and the angrier acid house, and he just wanted to buy happy Italian piano-house cheesy bullshit". However they found common ground in hardcore and jungle and started working together. Released on the Intalex label, 'Systematic' b/w 'Sky High' was the first ST Files record I got hold of and fortunately there is no trace of any gorgonzola on this one.

Like Da Intalex's 'What Ya Gonna Do' this is a tune that features a mellow intro before developing into a more rugged affair. It opens with warm synth, wonderfully cut-up Apache and "Woahhh woahhh yeaahhh" r'n'b vocals from 'Is It Good To You' by Teddy Riley (later of Blackstreet) and Tammy Lucas (who went on to sing the hook on A Tribe Called Quest's '1nce Again'). Ragga style "Systemically... Terminology" vocals from Snuff & Wally's 'Dreader Mafia' hint at the roughness to follow and an angry bassline is promptly deployed to devastating effect. I have to admit I'd rather forgotten about this record so it was a joy finding it in the collection and hearing it again. The flip's a more sedate stepper that used to feature in LTJ Bukem's sets in 1995, making this a nice little 12" which you can get hold for next to nothing on discogs.

Check out this snippet of an unreleased dubplate remix of 'Systematic':

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