Monday, 2 September 2013

Scorpio - Trouble

Scorpio - Trouble (V Recordings, 1997)

The 'Sing A Simple Song' break, which was used in a couple of tracks I've featured recently, comes from the Sly & The Family Stone song of the same name from their 1968 album Stand!. It became a staple hip-hop break as Sly Stone's use of the stereo field meant that the drums could be isolated on the right channel - you can hear it on 'The Humpty Dance' by Digital Underground and 'Sound Of Da Police' by KRS-One for instance. It has also been frequently used in drum and bass on tracks such as the Origin Unknown remix of Busta Rhymes' 'Woo Hah!!' and this one from Roni Size and DJ Die.

The Scorpio alias was first used by the duo on Mellow Song / Turn Dance from 1996 and derives from both producer's star sign, while also referencing another well used break. 'Trouble' opens with fragmented drums which gradually form into a regular beat along with hollow hits of bass and a choral sound effect that always reminds me of the beginning of The Simpsons Theme. Over this there is a vocal sample from the disco classic 'Last Night A DJ Saved My Life' by Indeep: "Don't let it trouble, trouble, trouble your brain". As the vocal samples moves on to the "Away goes trouble down the drain" part the drums build up to the drop which brings in a plunging bassline over drums that use the 'Sing A Simple Song' break layered with the 'It's A New Day' break. As it develops a hypnotic, swirling bassline takes over with the plunging bass dropped in at regular intervals. A minimal stepper's track that is comparable to DJ Krust's 'Warhead' which came out just a month later.

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